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Having a gravel driveway installation or repair of your old driveway can be daunting. You want a reliable company with experienced installers who has the right equipment and experience.

Precise Driveways is just that! We offer professional gravel driveway installation services at affordable prices in Gosport, UK. We specialise in installing gravel driveways that look great for years to come. Plus, we use only the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that you’re getting value for money.


Why Install Gravel Driveways?

Having a gravel driveway is one of the most cost-effective and practical options for many homeowners. Aside from the affordability factor, there are a number of other benefits to be had from a gravel driveway, such as increased drainage capacity, improved curb appeal, better traction and flexibility with design options.

Gravel driveways are an especially good option if you’re looking to enhance the look of your home’s exterior. The beauty of gravel driveways lies in their natural appearance, which adds depth and texture to your outdoor space. You can choose from various colours and sizes of gravel that can easily match any existing aesthetic or create something new.

Gravel also provides greater drainage capacity compared to other hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, which need additional edging to protect them from cracking due to water buildup and shifting soils.

 Gravel driveways provide superior drainage since they consist of loose material that allows water to flow freely through them.

The flexibility with design choices is another one of the biggest benefits associated with installing a gravel driveway. While initial installation may require extensive work, once complete, the maintenance effort needed is minimal, making it easier for some homeowners who don’t want to worry about future grooming or difficult repairs. And because gravel driveways are flexible, repairs tend not only to be easy but also inexpensive as lesser materials are needed during replacement or repair jobs compared with more unwieldy surfaces like asphalt or concrete that require heavy machinery when repairing the damage.

Our Professional Installation Process

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At Precise Driveways, we understand that having a gravel driveway installed can be a big undertaking. That’s why we take the time to ensure that every step of the installation process is done right.

Our professional installation process begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your needs and preferences for your new driveway. We then measure the area and create a plan for the installation, taking into account any existing landscaping, excavation or other issues that may need to be worked around.

Once you review and approve, we begin the installation process by excavating the site and laying down a base layer. We then spread the gravel over the top and compact it with a roller to ensure that it’s firmly in place. Finally, we add edging around the perimeter of the driveway to keep the gravel in place and prevent it from shifting.

At Precise Driveways, we take pride in our work and strive to provide you with a driveway that is both beautiful and functional. Let us help you get started on your new gravel driveway!

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Why Choose Us?

We are professional driveway installers based out of Gosport, specialising in all types of driveways. With over 20 years of experience in the trade, we are proficient at what we do. Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, we will ensure that your driveway complements your property.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring us:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Precise Driveways, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We understand that having a gravel driveway installed can be a big undertaking, and we want to ensure that you are happy with the end result. That’s why we take the time to ensure that every step of the installation process is done right. We also provide a warranty on all of our work, so you can rest assured knowing that your project is in safe hands. Please check our reviews and ratings from our happy customers.

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Affordable Price

We know that it can be expensive to install a gravel driveway. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with affordable prices for all of our services. We offer competitive rates and are always willing to work with you to find the best solution for your budget. We also offer free consultations so that you can get an idea of what your project will cost.

Free Estimates

We offer all our potential clients free quotes. No matter the size of the project, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service for a free estimate.

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Gravel Driveways Gosport Insured

Fully Licensed and Insured

All our tradesmen are fully licensed and insured to ensure your peace of mind. We understand the importance of having a safe and secure driveway installation process, which is why we take the necessary steps to ensure that all of our work is done in accordance with local regulations. We also carry liability insurance to protect you from any unexpected costs or damages that may occur during the installation process.

Superb Workmanship

At Precise Driveways, we take pride in our workmanship. Our team of experienced tradesmen have been installing driveways for over 20 years and are experts in their field.  We take the time to ensure that every step of the installation process is done right. From excavation to edging, we make sure that your gravel driveway is installed to the highest standard and that the end results are nothing short of marvellous.

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Gravel Driveways Gosport Maintenance

Ongoing Repairs and Maintenance

We understand that your gravel driveway needs regular maintenance and repairs in order to keep it looking its best. That’s why we offer ongoing repair and maintenance services for our clients. We can help you with any minor repairs that may be needed, such as filling in potholes or replacing any broken pieces of gravel.

Gravel driveway installation and maintenance are what we do best for clients in Gosport. Our team of experienced experts are committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish. So, if you’re looking for reliable and affordable driveway installation contractors in Gosport, look no further than us.

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How much does a gravel driveway cost?

The costs depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the driveway, the type of gravel used, and the labour costs associated with the installation. The size of the driveway is the most significant factor in determining the cost. Please reach out to us with the details of your project so that we can help you with a free quote.

How long does it take to install a gravel driveway?

Installation or construction time depends on several factors, including the size of the driveway, the type of gravel used, and the amount of preparation that needs to be done. In general, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

What is the lifespan of a gravel driveway?

The lifespan of a gravel driveway in Gosport will depend on a number of factors, including the type of gravel used, the amount of traffic it receives, and the amount of maintenance it receives. Gravel driveways are typically made up of a combination of crushed stone, sand, and other materials. The type of gravel used will have a large impact on the lifespan of the driveway.

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What is the maintenance required for a gravel driveway?

Keeping a gravel driveway in good condition requires a few simple steps. To begin with, you should regularly inspect your driveway for any signs of wear or damage or growth of weeds. Make sure the surface is free of loose stones, ruts, and cracks. To prevent further damage, it is important to address any of these issues as soon as possible. A gravel driveway should also be kept free of debris.

What are the drainage requirements for a gravel driveway in Gosport?

For proper drainage, gravel driveways should have a slope. The slope should be directed away from the house and other structures and towards a drainage ditch, culvert, or other suitable drainage systems. The pavers should pay special attention to drainage for a lasting driveway.

What other services do you provide?

In addition to gravel driveway installation and maintenance, we also provide a range of other services. These include patio and pathway installation, block paving, tarmac surfacing, a resin driveway, patios, garden paths,  and more. We can also provide advice on the best materials and products to use for your projects, like rock, bricks, pea, and cobblestone and help you choose the right design to suit your needs. Our team has a reputation for providing the highest standards of job and perfect drive space for your car.

What areas do you serve?

We serve all towns and villages surrounding Gosport (South East England), including Stubbington, Fareham, Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth, and more. For information on the locations we serve, please call our friendly customer service.